A Leader Must Have a Vision

In the Ability to Lead, I quoted Warren Bennis who says, The Lone Ranger is dead.  In order to lead a Great Group, a leader need not possess all the individual skills of the group members.  What he or she must have are vision, the ability to rally the others, and integrity….

A Regional Director is discussing the thrust and directions of the office to her staff.

Visualizing what you want and wish to happen as if it already exists, opens the door to letting it happen.  A leader must have a vision to effectively set priorities and keep people focused and motivated.

Jim Clemmer says, Give it a strong, clear picture of what you want and this creative power starts to work magnetizing conditions about you — attracting to you the things, resources, opportunities, circumstances and even the people you need, to help bring to pass in your outer life what you have pictured . . . what you picture in your mind, if you picture it clearly and confidently and persistently enough, will eventually come to pass in your life . . .

That’s how powerful a vision is to a leader.  What you are thinking and imagining will usually happen, especially if you act on it.

“Soon after the completion of Disney World someone said, ‘Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this’. I replied, ‘He did see it – that’s why it’s here’.”
– Mike Vance, creative director, Walt Disney Studios

Disney World was created based of Walt Disney’s strong vision of how it shall look like.

A leader’s vision gives hope to the people especially in times of crisis, stress and difficulty and in state of confusion and despair.  As a leader, you must know where you are going.   Hesburgh says that you can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.

Where there is no vision, there is no hope.
George Washington Carver

I’m inviting you to share your ideas and opinions on the role of a vision to a leader by leaving your comments below this article.  I love to hear from you.

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Nimia Acebes

17 thoughts on “A Leader Must Have a Vision”

  1. Very thought provoking piece.

    To me a visionary leader is one who ‘dreams with his eyes open’.

    Like someone who can see the ship arriving at the horizon even before the world with it’s naked eyes can spot .

    That makes them distinguished and that makes all the difference

    Mohan M Prasad

  2. i was reading a lot of your posts Ma’am Nim’s, surprisingly all are addition to a more productive result..even your healthy tips, my mother’s health and as well as my father amidst at their 50’s, they are really helpful, really could recommend your posts to those who needs to be driven with that perfect combination of fitting your health even with the most demanding job. its like connecting your profession with your healthy lifestyle..

    I’m as well from the same country, specifically from the same city..My parents as well as tita’s and tito’s had your blogs on their lists For The Win – since more likely that they are health concious and workaholic..your posts shares that there are so much room for improvement thus aiming for ascencion and likely how to become a really good leader.

    Truly inspiring and well composed from a mother, a regional director, a leader and a blogger – genuinely molded and a real model to us all and i am so damn Proud to be a dabaweño. Please keep on posting. It is people like you that drives us dabaweños to be known throughout the country and even globaly. Thanks to that..

  3. When I was in grade 1 , my teacher wrote a comment on my card “she has the quality of a good leader”. All this years, I keep wondering what quality is she talking about. I feel I’m the very opposite of what she have written because oftentimes I feel inadequate to do certain tasks, especially if it involves people. More so, I feel my life (career, family) isnt where I wanted it to go. BUt come to think of it, I guess I really lack that “vision” that’s why perhaps things isn’t what its supposed to be. I’ll try to be more ‘clairvoyant’ of my dreams, my goals, and hopes. And I’ll see if it will work for me now. Thank Ma’am Nims!!

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