How to Maintain Harmonious Relationship with Other Managers in your Company

Efficient operation in any business depends upon cooperation among managers.  If you ponder on it, you’ll see why it’s essential to get along with your peers.  You don’t have to be close friends with all of them, but you should at least make it easy for them to lend a hand to you whenever it is necessary.

Managers are socializing with each other.

Here are the four don’ts that you must observe to deserve cooperation from other managers in your company:

1.  Don’t provoke.  Be careful in offering advice and criticism.  Remember that other managers also have power and they are proud of their competence and privileges.

2.  Don’t interfere. Don’t give advice until you are asked.

Giving unsolicited advice might offend them.

3.  Don’t criticize in public. Even if you think he is wrong, don’t sound off in front of other managers and workers.  Tell him in private, give him a chance to save face, and you’ll get much more cooperation.

4.  Don’t certainly assume that he’s wrong. If you see that he has done something which is different from yours, don’t jump to conclusion that he is wrong.  Any probable reason is that you may be the one who is wrong.  As a manager, he may also be able to evaluate and improve his actions for the good of the company.

You might have your own list and I’m glad if you could share it with us by leaving your comments below this article.

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7 thoughts on “How to Maintain Harmonious Relationship with Other Managers in your Company”

  1. I just hope that all managers have these four don’ts. I also hope that they have themselves the ability to motivate people so that the potentials of the people they are handling shall be enhanced and not be stagnant. Observation of the subordinates must also be recognized as it can surely help in the improvement of one’s office.

  2. tnk u for sharing these thoughts. i really appreciate and glad dat iv read this. more will be coming d ba. God bless mie.

  3. very well crafted. so enlightening and a sure guide for everyone. so brief and concise yet it completely convey the message so so clearly.

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