How I Survived from Life’s Trial

Life is like a roller-coaster.  Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. It matters not whether you’re very down, as long as, you strive to get up every time you fall.

I experienced an unforgettable trial in my life and career in the mid of 2002.  I was relieved as Department Manager of the government corporation where I work, when the former incumbent reassumed office upon returning home after finishing her scholarship grant at a foreign country.

At first, I felt depressed, especially, when I was just reassigned as a staff of a top executive.  However, I didn’t lose hope and I looked for ways to go on with my life.

Here are the ways I adopted to survive from this trial:

1.  Never Blame and Hate Anybody. Everything happens for a reason and we are responsible for our own lives.  Stop blaming others, if you want to make the most of your talent and be successful.

If you keep on hating somebody, you couldn’t keep your focus on your self-improvement. Life is too short, so don’t spend it wastefully by hating others.

When I was relieved, I could have sought the assistance of  the Civil Service Commission or the CES board for my case, as I have a CESO rank.  But, I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to spoil my relationship with my big bosses.  In this case, stirring up the waters might not enable me to catch fish.

2.  Think Positive. Look at the positive in every trial.  There are no negative incidents only incidents which help in your improvement and strengthen your character so that you may rise to new altitude. There are no failures, only lessons.

Troubles and trials make life more interesting.  Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.  These, too, will pass.

3.  Think of the Opportunity it Can Give. When I was relieved, I used it as an opportunity to complete my Executive Leadership Program with the CESboard.

Likewise, I used it as an opportunity to research on latest updates pertaining to my field of work so that I will have the right knowledge when the time for me to head an office comes.

4.  Devote Time to Personal and Career Development Activities. Invest in yourself.  Sharpen your saw. Organize your time.  Devote at least one hour in the morning for your personal and career development activities so that when you are given again another opportunity to hold a higher position, you are prepared for it.

Your daily personal and career development activities include meditation, visualization of your day and what you want to become, reading of inspirational books and articles and listening to motivational CDs and tapes.

At the start of 2003, I wrote my career development plan.  My goal was to be a Regional Director and the target date was not later than December 31, 2003.  I listed down my activities and worked on it, to attain my goal.

5.  Persevere. At that time, bringing my goal to reality seemed impossible as I was still frozen as staff of a top executive, with no assurance of being placed to a managerial position in the near future.

But I carried on as these words of Napoleon Hill inspired me:

“whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”

I believed that if I have a written plan and persist in developing myself and my career, I can achieve my goal.

6.  Have a Strong Faith in the Divine Providence. I believe that God has a purpose for everything that happens in our life.  If we place everything in the Lord’s hands, whatever happens, it is the Lord’s will and it is for our own good.

Always bear in mind that the darkest part of the night is just before dawn.

In April 2003, I received an order designating me again as Department Manager.  In May 2003, I was promoted to a position which is one salary grade higher than my present position.  On November 25, 2003, I was assigned as Regional Director of a Regional Office whose head retired from the service.  I attained my goal before the target date.

Life’s journey is not always easy.  Now and then, we pass through bumpy roads and stormy seas and we have to survive all these to attain our goal.

I know you also have your own survival ways to tell and I’m glad if you could share it with us by leaving your comments below this article.

Your friend,

Nimia Acebes

17 thoughts on “How I Survived from Life’s Trial”

  1. hi nimia,
    stumbled on your blog from bobs’ totally unique life blog.
    great post here and it’s filled with deep truths.
    Would you mind if i added another point ‘avoid being too hard on yourself’
    sometimes we go through difficult trials and we blame, punish and push ourselves to a downward mental spiral.
    I am glad you can find something to be live for and be happy about in difficult times.
    you take care!!

  2. Hi Dear

    It’s really touching and encouraging too!

    I am currently experiencing somewhat similar situation where I have been signed off from my current assignment for no fault of mine .

    At 52 finding an alternative is not just easy.

    I also suffered from the ” why me ” syndrome initially and now am in transition from that stage of self pity to self assurance and energy . I am realising that the more I dwell in the past it only adds to the pain and agony . Whenever i have thought of the future here on , It has given me strength and energy to look at life differently .

    Well , I am still in search of the career re-connect , but learning to face it more meaningfully .

    Feeling much better after reading your article and to me the piece could not have been posted by you at a more appropriate time

    You mentioned about divine interventions and beleive me ,I saw it in the box this morning ,thanks to you

    Let’s stay connected

    Warm regards


    1. Hi Mohan! Thanks for your comments. I really posted this article in order to give hope to those who feel down.

      I passed across this inspiring quotation from an anonymous author: “When things are going very dark and dim, God is actually switching off the lights just before throwing a surprise party!” Remember., there’s no such thing as failure. People only give up. So, never ever give up.

      I’m really glad for this connection. I wish and pray for the best for you.

      Your friend,


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