Leaders Pay Attention to the Details

“So pay attention to the details. Sweat the small stuff (like crazy). Commit to OAD: Obsessive Attention to Detail (the best people and organizations do; think Apple, Ritz Carlton, Amazon and The Mercer Hotel in NYC). Because the little things are the big things.”          Robin Sharma

There are projects which fail due to the leader’s failure to be attentive to details.  Details are like dominoes because when you neglect one, it will cause the falling down of the whole task which may even lead to  catastrophe.

If the Doctor does not pay attention to the details of the patient’s sickness, this may cause a wrong prescription and  perhaps the patient’s death.  If the Engineer does not pay attention to the details of the construction materials, chances are, the building constructed shall be of substandard quality and may even collapse in a few years.

A leader must pay attention to the little things including his or her own appearance.  He or she must be neat and must be dressed appropriately.  His or her office must be clean and organized.  Restrooms must be clean and odorless as this signifies that the leader cares for people.  Immaculately clean restroom is a mark of a world class organization.

A neat personality as well as a clean and an organized office will give an impression to the customer that the quality of the company’s products and services are above standard.

A leader shall keep a checklist to avoid missing the details.

Ray Croc, McDonald’s founder, focuses on the little things.  He says, “I emphasize the importance of details.  You must perfect every fundamental of your business if you expect it to perform well.”

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