Leaders Must Touch the Heart

Many become leaders because of their positions.  Most often they use their positions as source of their power and authority.  They issue written memoranda, circulars and orders to ensure that people under them follow policies, procedures and instructions.  Non-compliance to these issuances are properly dealt with. People comply with the written directives for fear of losing their jobs or facing charges in government entities or in the courts.

According to John Maxwell, in his book, Your Road Map for Success, “ One of the most common mistakes people make is trying to lead others before developing relationships with them.  It happens all the time.  A new manager starts with a company and expects the people working there to respond to his authority without question…the leader expects to make an impact on his people before building the relationship.  It’s possible that the followers will comply with what the leader’s position requires, but they’ll never go beyond that.”

To touch the people’s heart, leaders must know the people they are working with well.  They must know their weaknesses and strengths and what they could become.  Leaders must associate with their people.

In his book, The Power Principle, Dr. Blaine Lee listed down the following words a leader shall say to himself to check his knowledge of his people:

Do I understand what they want?

Do I know them? How well?

Can I see the whole person?

Do I know the person outside of this situation or task?

Have I “done my homework” on them as well as on what I want them to do?

How well do I really see them?

Am I willing to pay the price to know them?

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